Restaurant Insurance

Restuarant Insurance

Running a restaurant can be taxing at times. It is one of the busiest businesses and includes services that involve many risks.

It is your duty to protect your business, your reputation, your staff, and your restaurant property from any and every risk. At Exceed Insurance, we ensure that you get an insurance policy for your restaurant that provides 100% protection.

What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance carrier to protect your business and help it function smoothly. Owning a restaurant includes risks at every level like cooking to serving food, serving alcoholic beverages, offering valet parking services, etc.

You put a lot of effort and funds into building your restaurant’s property and that needs protection too. Your insurance policy is what keeps you going during ups and downs.

Lines of Insurance

Business Owners Policy

Pays for the property damages and liability claims caused by an accident of a guest or a patron in the restaurant premises.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Pays for medical costs or loss of income situations that result from an on-the-job injury for your employees.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Pays for liability claims after your general liability coverage gets exhausted.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Protects your owned, hired and non-owned auto used for daily business operations.

Additional Coverages

Liquor Liability Insurance

Settles claims for a situation where your patrons end up harming a third-party under the influence of alcohol.

Business Income Coverage

Helps sustain any losses, pay the bills, take care of repair costs in situations when you have to temporarily close business for a few days.


Pays for food that is spoiled or contaminated due to equipment failure.


Equipment/Machinery Breakdown Protection

Pays for repair and replacement costs for any equipment breakdown.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Pays for any losses that may occur if your employees steal from your business.



What if my property gets damaged in an incident of theft or vandalism, will I be covered for such situations?

Yes, the commercial crime coverage will pay for all the covered damages done to your property.

Are there any discounts on plans?

Your agent will offer you multiple policy options keeping in mind what works best for you, coverage-wise, and cost-wise.

How do I file a claim?

All you need to do is, get in touch with one of our insurance agents and they will guide you through the process.

Will my policy cover any legal claims?

Yes, under liability coverage your legal fees for any cause of loss is covered.

How much will my premium be?

Your premium depends on the extensiveness of your business and how elaborate your policy is. Consult our insurance agents and they will offer you the most cost-effective policies.

I have a delivery service, will that be covered under a restaurant insurance plan?

A restaurant insurance policy could cover delivery exposure, make sure to let your insurance agent know exactly what amount of sales is from delivery and the policy will be rated based on that.

How is Restaurant Insurance Different Than Standard Business Insurance?

Restaurant insurance is custom-made to fit the unique needs of a restaurant. Typical business insurance may not cover claims like spoiled or contaminated food, liquor liability, etc. To know more, get in touch with our insurance experts today.

Why choose Exceed Insurance Agency for Restaurant Insurance?

Our extensive knowledge and 20+ years of experience in the insurance industry helps us to assist you with the best plans in the market.

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