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Exceed Insurance is the leading insurance agency that offers the best owner operator truck insurance in the US. We are known to offer customized insurance for owner-operators at affordable prices. 

All owner-operators and trucking companies must carry commercial trucking insurance with adequate liability coverage. This insurance helps protect the owner-operator or motor carrier from liability lawsuits if the truck driver causes an accident resulting in third-party injuries or property damage

What is Trucking Insurance?

Trucking insurance or Truck Insurance for Owner Operator is a specialized form of coverage designed to protect commercial trucking operations from the unique risks they face on the road. 

It is crucial for the transportation industry, providing a comprehensive shield against the diverse challenges encountered on highways and ensuring financial stability for trucking businesses.

This comprehensive tractor trailer insurance solution plays a pivotal role in mitigating risks and supporting the smooth operation of commercial trucking businesses.

This type of insurance typically includes primary liability coverage, which addresses damages and injuries caused by the truck driver to others on the road. Physical damage coverage is another essential component, safeguarding the truck itself against accidents, theft, or vandalism. 

Why truck drivers should opt for Owner Operator Truck Insurance?

Federal law requires motor carriers and owner-operators to purchase public liability insurance for their DOT-regulated commercial motor vehicles. However, regardless of DOT regulations, most states require all tractor trailers to have commercial tractor-trailer insurance coverage, even for leased units.

Your options for commercial trucks depend on the needs of your trucking business, the truck driver, and the type of goods you haul.

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Liability Coverage

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Owner Operator Insurance Coverage

The liability insurance portion of a trucking insurance policy helps pay for third-party injuries and property damage caused by the truck driver. With a commercial liability insurance policy, there are two types of liability coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance helps cover medical bills if other people involved in the accident are injured and the tractor-trailer driver is at fault.
  • Property damage liability insurance helps pay to repair or replace someone else’s property after an accident caused by a commercial truck driver.

An independent insurance agent can help you determine which types and amounts of insurance may best serve your trucking business. They can help you choose from several commercial truck insurance providers.

Your agent may also recommend additional commercial truck policies to help protect your business. Other coverages under commercial auto insurance include:

  • Comprehensive insurance: This coverage may help pay for damages to the tractor trailer unrelated to an accident, such as weather damage, fire or vandalism.
  • Collision insurance: This policy may help repair or replace the tractor trailer after an accident.
  • Medical payments: This coverage may help cover medical bills up to a specific dollar limit if a passenger or the tractor trailer driver is injured in an accident. It could also cover lost income.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance: This policy may help pay to repair or replace a tractor trailer after an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured third party.

Truck Insurance Types

Your agent may recommend the following additional insurance, depending on your situation:

  • Trailer interchange: This policy helps pay to repair or replace a trailer when someone other than the owner uses it.
  • Bobtail: This policy helps cover damages caused when the truck does not have a trailer attached
  • Cargo insurance: This policy helps cover financial loss incurred from damaged or lost cargo.

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Exceed’s trucking insurance is available for everyone, no matter where you are in the United States.

Owner operator truck insurance typically covers truck, trailer, cargo and provides liability coverage for the owner operator. It ensures financial protection in case of accidents, injuries, or damage. 

Tractor trailer insurance is a coverage that protects owners and operators of tractor trailers. It is essential to mitigate risks associated with accidents, cargo damage, and liability on the road. 

Yes, we also offer customizable insurance policies. You can book a free consultation session with our experts. We will tailor your grocery store insurance coverage based on your specific needs and risks.

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