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Exceed Insurance is a leading insurance agency that offers the best Gas Station Insurance in the United States. We have already served hundreds of gas station owners with the perfect custom insurance policy. 

Gas Station Insurance is an all-inclusive insurance policy that protects you financially for casualties caused to your business property, inventory, data, staff, or more. It poses unpredictable hazards as it is an open property with flammable substances. In such situations, accidents like injuries due to oil spills, car collisions due to lack of space, sudden fire, theft, vandalism, etc. may occur which is why it is important to get insurance for Gas Station. It takes care of your legal liabilities, slips and fall claims, burglary, and more with ease.

Lines of Insurance for Gas Stations

Package Insurance

Package Insurance covers your convenience store business from any property or liability claims. Protects pumps, canopy, and outdoor signs too.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment Breakdown Insurance pays for repair and replacement costs for any equipment breakdown. This is most likely to be included in your package policy.

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Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution Liability Insurance pays for clean-up charges that occur during gas leaks, oil spills, etc. This is also known as underground storage tank insurance.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

EPLI covers any liability claims arising out of employment practices.

Gas Station Insurance Coverages

Property Coverage

Package Insurance covers your convenience store business from any property or liability claims. Protects pumps, canopy, and outdoor signs too.

General Liability Coverage

General Liability Insurance Coverage protects your business from claims or legal accusations that occur from an accident of a guest or a patron on your premises.

Liquor Liability Coverage

Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage settles claims for a situation where your customers end up harming a third-party under the influence of alcohol.

Commercial Crime Coverage

A Commercial Crime coverage pays for any losses incurred in situations like theft, vandalism, or employee dishonesty.

Business Income Coverage

Business Income Coverage helps sustain any losses, pay the bills, take care of repair costs in situations when you have to temporarily close business.

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Ultimately, the goal of an award-winning insurance company is to provide its customers with peace of mind and financial protection in the face of unexpected events.

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Exceed’s gas station insurance is available for everyone, no matter where you are in the United States.


Business Insurance such as Gas Station Insurance keeps you financially protected from damages, medical costs, or bad claims in such emergencies. If you want to know more, checkout our dedicated blog on Gas Station Insurance.

At Exceed Insurance, we ensure that your Gas Station gets 100% protection by providing you with customized coverage suiting your needs. If you own a gas station or if you are planning to Open a Gas Station, Contact us today to learn more about the gas station insurance requirements and cost for your organization. We will offer you a personalized quote as per your requirements.


Gas station insurance provides essential coverage to protect  your business from risks such as property damage, liability claims, and potential business interruption. It ensures financial security and safeguards your investment. 

If you want to determine the perfect insurance coverage for gas stations, get in touch with us! Our insurance experts will help you tailor a customized plan considering factors such as location, size, services, and more. 

We offer instant quotes to all our customers. Provide us with relevant information about your gas station, and our experts will work to offer you the best quote promptly.

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In my opinion, Exceed Insurance offers the best Gas Station Insurance coverages at an affordable price point. Top-notch customer service and they are always available to help. Highly recommended!
Arjun Sharma
Finding the right insurance for my gas station was a nightmare. Then I found Exceed! They listened to my needs, offered custom solutions at the perfect price range. Their coverage is amazing, and their team is the best. It’s great working with them.
Olivia Williams
If you’re also someone who is worried about high gas station insurance costs, definitely checkout Exceed Insurance. They offered me the best coverage at a price anyone can afford. No hidden fees, just clear explanations and excellent service. They're true experts in their field.
Aarav Patel
My old gas insurance was a hassle. Claims took forever, and customer service was awful. Exceed changed everything! Fast, fair claims, always friendly and helpful. They understand the unique risks of gas stations and offer coverage perfect for my gas stations.
Michael Anderson
The best part about Exceed’s Gas Station Insurance is that they tailored the coverage to my specific needs. Their team is always available for help. When my pump malfunctioned, their quick response saved me a fortune. I can say with confidence that they're the best in the business.
Aditya Reddy

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