Protecting your home from power outages with Home Insurance

Don’t let the fear of power outages take over your life. Protect your appliances and your finances with Home Insurance. Continue reading to learn how you can do that!

Power outage is a serious issue in many places around the country. People who have to deal with it often understand how hazardous it can be. It can cause equipment/machinery to malfunction or break down, loss of data, damaged wiring, accidents, fire incidents, and much more. And unless it’s a planned incident, it’s impossible to anticipate when it’s going to occur. The best you can do is prepare in advance for a power outage.

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of power outages, then every precautionary step must be important for you. And hence, you must be wondering ‘what disasters does Home Insurance cover?’ and ‘does Home Insurance cover damage from a power outage?’. And that’s what we’re here to talk about.

So put on your reading glasses because you’re about to learn how you can take advantage of your Home Insurance to cover power loss incidents.

Protecting your devices

Your Home Insurance policy gives you the option to get extra protection with Appliance Breakdown Insurance or Home Appliance Insurance. This is a type of Equipment Breakdown Coverage for your home that protects you from the cost of repairs for all the devices, appliances, tools, and equipment at your home. As long as the appliance broke down due to loss of electricity, you will be reimbursed for the damages and repairs.

Coverage for property damages

If an electricity failure leads to major damages to your home, then you can file a claim under power outage reimbursement. Even if you experience power surge damages, you can simply file a power surge insurance claim and get compensated. Power outage compensations are common in regions that often face such incidents, and the insurance provider accommodates these customer requirements. It’s also advised that you invest in Property Insurance. The importance of Property Insurance can’t be understated, as it will help you cover significant power outage claims that arise from major damages.

Preventive measures to take

While your Home Insurance does cover all damages arising from power outages, it’s wise to take the following preventive measures to ensure safety and fewer losses.

  • During storms, unplug all devices and appliances.
  • If you’re not using a device or appliance, then unplug it if possible.
  • Installing surge protectors helps protect your home and all your appliances.
  • Changing the old wiring at your home helps lower the chances of significant damage and fire incidents.

Lights out!

As they always say, precaution is better than cure. So invest in a good Home Insurance plan and follow the steps mentioned above, and you will likely be on top of any power outage incident you may experience in the future.

If you need more information on all the disasters that are covered by Home Insurance, then you can click here. And if you want to learn about the mistakes you should avoid while buying Home Insurance, then you can click here. Do you still have some questions? Get in touch with us at 855-5EXCEED or write to us at [email protected], and our insurance experts will be more than happy to assist you. Stay insured and stay safe with Exceed Insurance!

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