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Grocery stores, both large and small, all provide the food and necessities we need. They're vibrant businesses, so no store is complete or secure without the right business insurance. Exceed Insurance has dedicated, expert agents who can gladly help you customize benefits to your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do grocery stores need insurance?

You never know when someone might fall and get hurt in your produce aisle. You can't predict if lightning will strike the building and cause a fire, or if a prolonged power outage will cause food to spoil.

In these cases, pull out your grocery store's insurance portfolio. You'll see it is there to help you in situations just like these. With coverage, you can avoid paying many damage costs out of your own accounts. You'll be able to use your policy's support to get back on your feet and return to full operability and profitability.

Which policy options should I consider?

Most grocery businesses will benefit from a variety of insurance options.

  • Property Coverage: This insurance protects your building and your business' contents. Should you face a hazard that damages the property, this coverage can help you make repairs.
  • General Liability Insurance: Guests or other parties who suffer an injury or other property loss in your business may seek damages or sue the store. This coverage can help you pay for the party's damage without putting yourself in a bind.
  • Products Liability Coverage: You want to sell a foolproof product, but there is always some embedded risk. This coverage can help you if items sold in your store harm someone else.
  • Druggist Liability Insurance: Stores that have pharmacies within might need this coverage. It applies to the harm clients of the pharmacy might sustain.
  • Advertising Injury Insurance: Third parties might allege that you published inaccurate information, violated someone's privacy or copied advertising. They might claim you committed slander or libel. This coverage protects your business against such claims.
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance: An umbrella policy might be able to step in to help you cover outstanding costs not covered within your standard liability policies.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: Laws require most businesses to offer workers compensation. Coverage will provide a supplementary income to employees injured on the job.
  • Business Income Coverage: An accident may mean you have to suspend operations for a time. This could lead to a loss of needed income. Business income coverage can help you sustain any losses, pay the bills and re-open in the black.
  • Equipment/Machinery Breakdown Protection: Broken air conditioning systems, refrigeration, and cooktops can all be costly expenditures. This coverage helps fund repairs.
  • Food Spoilage Coverage: If a qualifying accident — such as a power outage or refrigeration breakdown — causes stock to spoil, then this coverage might help you replace the lost items.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance: Do you sell alcohol in your store? If you do, there's a chance that your sales could lead to a client harming themselves or others. The harmed party might blame the store for the damage. This coverage can help you settle damages associated with such claims.

What does grocery store insurance cover?

Grocery store insurance should minimize your financial losses in case of problems affect your business. Therefore, you'll probably need several types of coverage. To make managing these policies easier, consider investing in one of our Business Owners Policies, or a BOP. It will offer you several of the most-essential types of commercial coverage in one place. You can also augment it with additional coverage.

How much does grocery store insurance cost?

All business insurance costs vary. Therefore, your grocery store's premium will vary even from that of the store down the block. Our job is to help you get the most-essential coverage without cutting corners just to get a good price. Your most-effective policy will always come with a price you can afford.

How do I get a grocery store insurance application?

It's simple, all you have to do is contact Exceed Insurance. We want to be a support system whenever you need help with your grocery store insurance needs. Coverage is a win-win benefit because it can provide you adequate financial support at very reasonable personal costs.

Whether you're starting to look for a policy, or have questions about your existing coverage, our dedicated agents are ready to help. Get started with a free quote today.

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