Gas Station Insurance

Gas Station Insurance

Gas Station poses unpredictable hazards as it is an open property with flammable substances. In such situations, accidents like injuries due to oil spills, car collisions due to lack of space, sudden fire, theft, vandalism, etc. may occur.

Gas Station Insurance keeps you financially protected from damages, medical costs, or bad claims in such emergencies. At Exceed Insurance, we ensure that your Gas Station gets 100% protection by providing you with customized coverages suiting your needs.

What is Gas Station Insurance?

Gas Station Insurance is an all-inclusive insurance policy that protects you financially for casualties caused to your business property, inventory, data, staff, or more. It also takes care of your legal liabilities, slips and fall claims, burglary, and more.

Lines of Insurance

Package Insurance

Covers your convenience store business from any property or liability claims. Protects pumps, canopy and outdoor signs too.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Why Do You Need Worker's Compensation Coverage. Pays for medical costs or loss of income situations that result from an on-the-job injury for your employees.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Pays for repair and replacement costs for any equipment breakdown. This is most likely to be included in your package policy.

Pollution Liability Insurance

Pays for clean up charges that occur during gas leaks, oil spills, etc. This is also known as underground storage tank insurance.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Covers any liability claims arising out of employment practices.

Additional Coverages

Property Coverage

Pays for any damages caused to your store property and contents in it. It includes property coverage for your pumps, canopy, and outdoor signs too.

General Liability Coverage

Protects your business from claims or legal accusations that occur from an accident of a guest or a patron on your premises.

Liquor Liability Coverage

Settles claims for a situation where your customers end up harming a third-party under the influence of alcohol.

Commercial Crime Coverage

Pays for any losses incurred in situations like theft, vandalism, or employee dishonesty.

Business Income Coverage

Helps sustain any losses, pay the bills, take care of repair costs in situations when you have to temporarily close business.

Gas Station Insurance


Will my gas station be covered for damages caused by theft & vandalism too?

Yes, under commercial crime coverage any damage done (due to crime) to your property is paid for. For more information, connect with one of our insurance experts.

Does my insurance pay for medical costs for injuries caused by slips and falls?

Yes, your general liability coverage takes care of such expenses and claims.

Why choose Exceed Insurance Agency for Gas Station Insurance?

Our extensive knowledge and 20+ years of experience in the insurance industry helps us to assist you with the best plans in the market.

Are there any discounts on plans?

Your agent will offer you multiple policy options keeping in mind what works best for you, coverage-wise, and cost-wise.

How do I file a claim?

All you need to do is, get in touch with one of our insurance agents and they will guide you through the process and connect you with your carrier.

Can I buy a Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) instead of a gas station insurance?

In most cases, you can buy a business owners’ policy (BOP) to get the extensive coverage listed above. BOPs contain multiple types of commercial insurance in one package. Consult our insurance agents for detailed know-how about the BOP.

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