Restaurant Night Closing Checklist

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Restaurant closing checklists help manage your restaurant daily. They ensure staff completes tasks and clarify procedures.  You can divide closing duties into three lists: front-of-house (managed by a floor manager or senior server), back-of-house (managed by a chef or sous chef), and a manager’s list (handled by the general manager). Like opening checklists, closing checklists […]

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Restaurant in the US?

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Are you planning to launch a restaurant startup? Are you wondering how to open a restaurant? Making well-informed decisions before diving into the restaurant business is important. A survey by Restaurant Owner found that the cost of opening a restaurant can range between $175,500 and $750,500. That’s a lot of money! But how do you […]

Create A Risk Management Plan For Your Restaurant Business

Do you own a restaurant? Then you must have a risk management plan for your restaurant business in place. If you’re not sure how to create one, this blog will help you get a headstart. Every business has a certain level of risk that comes with the trade. Whether it’s an internal risk or an […]

Maintain your appliances and equipment to protect your restaurant

Appliance or equipment breakdown can be a nightmare in the restaurant business. Here are some tips on how you can maintain some essential appliances and equipment to protect your restaurant! When you run a restaurant, you realize how reliant your business is on the different appliances and equipment you own. Whether it be your refrigerator, […]

Reasons why you shouldn’t opt for Restaurant Insurance cancellation

Are you considering canceling your restaurant insurance while your restaurant is dormant? Then we highly recommend you not to go through with it. Want to know why? Continue reading this blog to find out! If you own a restaurant, you must know how important it is to have Restaurant Insurance. The number of times it […]