Tips to make the workplace safer for your employees

Workplace Safety is a must! “To win the marketplace you must first win the workplace” as quoted by Doug Conant, ex-President & CEO of Campbell Soup Company. One wins the workplace by keeping it safe and healthy for its employees. It is truly said, employees are the real asset of any company, as they make the whole business function.

They also add a lot of value to the growth of any organization. Which is why it is necessary to keep the workplace safe for your employees. Moreover, happy and fit employees also help in reducing worker’s compensation claims.

Here’s a list of small efforts you can take as an employer to keep your assets (employees) safe.

Use labels and signs wherever necessary:

Fire exits, wet floor, mind your step, etc. these labels are very helpful to avoid silly accidents at work. They not only make people aware of the potential hazards but also work as reminders even for the most experienced worker.

Fun Tip: You can use quirky ideas to display these labels and bring a smile to your employees’ faces.
For eg: ‘You are important, mind your step’.

Train your employees for fire emergencies with mock drills:

Fire emergencies create a panic. Invest in executing at least one mock fire drill every quarter. This way, your employees will not only feel confident but will also avoid panicking in the times of real emergencies. Ensure at least one member in each team or department knows how to use the fire extinguisher and everyone else knows the fire exits and the assembly points.

Fun Tip: After the mock drill, you can arrange for a small fire quiz session with the employees and reward the smart ones. This will encourage the employees to be more attentive during the next fire drills.

Consult Occupational Clinicians:

Occupational Clinicians give insights to potential risk areas in your workplace. They will visit your worksite and provide simpler ways to avoid these risks. They will also spend time with the employees and share basic safety practices.

Fun Tip: The organization can arrange for a fun Q & A session with the occupational clinicians for the employees.

Encourage stretch breaks:

Most employees feel exhausted and have back ache complaints due to bad posture at work. Leaders should initiate stretch breaks and each employee must be asked to participate. Doing this will ensure less stressed employees.

Fun Tip: There can be stretch exercise competition amongst various departments once a month. Use these tips (don’t forget the fun tips) and make your workplace safer and make your employees happier.

Also, invest in a smart Business Insurance with worker’s compensation coverage for other needs.

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