Which Disasters Are Covered By Home Insurance?

Your Home Insurance will help you get back to your old life even after a crisis. But do you want to understand what it does and doesn’t cover.

Read more to know how additional liability coverage may help you bridge the gap.

If you live in a disaster-prone region, you understand the importance of Home Insurance. It is the lifeline of a financially safe plan. It provides additional coverage against any damages that you may incur due to natural disasters. But even those who know all these facts tend to take the wrong decisions at times. This usually happens when you don’t have a proper understanding of the homeowner’s policies.

Not every homeowner policy provides complete liability coverage against such incidents. You will also find many plans that don’t have certain disasters included in the list of coverages. So it would be best if you did your research before considering any Home Insurance.

Fortunately, you have come across this informative blog. Because we’re going to list down various acts of God and what kind of Disaster Insurance you will require for protection. Here are seven natural disasters that your Home Insurance may or may not cover:

Fire –

You can get protection from incidents caused by electric failures, gas combustions, or other sources within your house under Home Insurance. You just need to look for Dwelling Fire Insurance in your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. Renter’s Insurance also protects against such incidents. Of course, your insurance provider will consider poor maintenance before providing financial relief. So keep that in mind before calculating the repair coverage and replacement costs.

Wildfires –

Many of you might have realized that wildfires are usually not covered under your Homeowner’s Insurance coverage after the recent California Wildfire incident. You wouldn’t want to be one of those millions who have faced unmeasurable losses due to this incident. Hence, we highly recommend you get added protection like Umbrella Liability Insurance and Natural Calamity Insurance to protect your finances.

Wind –

You will get coverage for any damages caused by strong winds if you have Home Insurance coverage. So even during those strong windy weathers, you don’t have to worry about any sort of mishaps. Just ensure that the whole family is safe, and your insurance provider will take care of the rest.

Earthquakes –

Most Home Insurance plans don’t provide coverage for natural disasters as severe as earthquakes. You will need to get additional property coverage to ensure that you are protected. One of the benefits of insurance is that you have a variety of added coverages to choose from. You can inquire about Earthquake Insurance coverage with your insurance provider. If they do provide earthquake coverage, then we highly advise you to invest in it.

Hail –

A strong hail can cause a lot of property damages. Shattered windows, broken roofs, and dented garage doors are just some of the damages you can count. Fortunately, most Home Insurance plans provide coverage against such damages. Just confirm the same with your insurance provider, and you will be covered.

Floods –

Floods are another major natural calamity that your Home Insurance may not cover. In such cases, you will need to rely on extended Liability Coverage to protect your home. Look for additional coverage premiums, like Floor Insurance cover, that help you cover such damages. This is highly advisable for anyone who lives in the coastal regions.

Lightning –

If your home gets hit by lightning, then you may face a lot of damages. This can range from damaged electronics, shattered windows, blackened walls, or even a major fire incident. Fortunately, your Homeowner’s Insurance provides coverage against all of it. So make sure you keep yourself and your family safe and worry about everything else later.

Choose Wisely –

By now, you must have understood what kind of Liability Insurance will protect the homeowner against natural disasters. Hopefully, we have also clarified what kind of additional coverage you need to look out for when considering natural disasters in your region. Always remember that the best Home Insurance is the one that is tailored to your needs.

If you are looking for assistance in choosing the right plan, you can call our insurance experts on 855-5EXCEED. You can also write to us at [email protected]. Stay tuned for more helpful tips related to insurance.

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