What To Do When Your Car Gets Stolen?

With nearly 773,000 cases, the USA averaged 40 seconds per car theft in 2018. And yet this fact is not taken seriously when purchasing a car or getting Automobile Insurance.

It’s hard to imagine what someone who has got their car stolen might be going through. Staying calm and managing all your emotions while following the procedure can be difficult.

If you’re one of them and are here looking for answers, then don’t you worry. We’re not going to beat around the bush.

So, here are a few necessary steps you need to take to make sure that the claim process for your stolen car runs smoothly.

First Order Of Business

Your first priority should always be reporting the stolen car. The time you realize that your car is stolen to the point where you report the crime is very crucial. The sooner you make the complaint, the easier it is to follow the procedure.

But if you waste too much time trying to find a solution yourself, you will have a lot of explaining to do. Provide all your details, include your license plate number, car owner’s information, and any other details of the incident that might help the authority find your car.

Remember, that assuming someone from your family has taken the vehicle for a ride and finding out that’s not the case much later is not a viable excuse when you ask for a claim.

Self Investigation

Once you’ve registered the complaint, it’s time for you to get in action. Contact anyone you think might have taken your car or those who have access to your car or your home.

Ask your family or the people you live with or even your neighbors if they saw the car at an earlier time of the day. That way you get a better picture of the time frame of the theft. If you have cameras around your house, go through the videos to check if you can spot the culprit.

Either way, save all the videos, including those from the past few weeks. Those may also come in handy with the investigation and help expedite the process.

Connect For Claim

Spoke to everyone and still have no clue where your car is? Your next order of business is reporting for claims from your insurance service providers. Get in touch with your insurance company or with us and make a report of your car being stolen. Even if you don’t have the Comprehensive Coverage option, reporting the incident helps you avoid any obligations if the thief ends up damaging other cars or hurting someone else while in possession of your vehicle.

Once you’ve notified us, you should fill in the Vehicle Theft Questionnaire online including all the details of the theft, your policy details and claim information. You have to fill this form even if your vehicle is recovered soon after you made the report and you don’t require the claim anymore.

Verifying The Claim

Once you’ve submitted the questionnaire, a claims examiner will pay you a visit and question you about the specifics of the incident. So make sure you have copies of all the forms and every other detail relevant to the case in order. You should also provide all the latest updates on the progress of the police investigation.

Upon studying all the details, the examiner will decide which way the pendulum swings. So make sure they are convinced before they move to the next stage of the process.

There you have it. Just make sure you follow all these steps and you are thorough with every little detail regarding the case. If you do have Comprehensive Coverage and end up needing to purchase a new automobile, your claim process will run smoothly and your insurance provider will fund the amount equivalent to the market value of your stolen vehicle.

You can even debate the market value of your last car with valid proof to look for more funds.

If you do require detailed information about what your Automobile Insurance covers and how you can avail Comprehensive Insurance, get in touch with our representatives on 855-5EXCEED, now!

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