What Is Advertising Injury Insurance?

General liability insurance covers various incidents and accidents that occur under the roof of your business. This includes any injury or damages sustained by your customers, employees, or anyone else who visits your business for any reason.

What a general liability policy may not cover are the advertising injuries that may occur due to slander and libel. Such injuries may trigger Advertising Injury Insurance or Coverage B.

Let’s learn more about the different instances where Coverage B can help you and tips on how you can avoid such incidents.

Different Types Of Advertising Injury Insurance Claims

Advertising Injury Insurance can come into action in many cases. Some of the most common cases where it will help you are defamation through libel, which means; any written or printed advertisement or any pictures that may damage someone’s reputation in any way or professionally harm them and the other case is slander, in which someone is belittled or their reputation has been damaged through word-of-mouth.

Both of these activities are illegal and can hold the business in question liable for the damages. This can also be the case for personal advertising to promote your business on social media or to reward a customer for reaching a landmark.

Using their images without their consent can come back to bite you and trigger a claim for personal injury insurance.

Advertising injury insurance will also help you when you are caught selling products of some brands that actively try to defame their competitors by printing negative comments about them.

Copyright infringement and ideas stolen from other brands to promote their products also fall under these cases.

In any of the scenarios, you don’t need to be actively involved in the incident to be held liable for damages. Just selling the product unknowingly can also lead to such incidents.

Of course, you can also face a personal advertising insurance claim for bad-mouthing one of your competitions in front of a customer.

Anything you do that damages the reputation of your competitor is unlawful and you will be held liable for the same.

Other ways advertising injury insurance can help you include wrongful entry, exit or invasion of premises, ill-intended prosecution and false detention or imprisonment.

How To Avoid Such Claims?

Your advertising injury insurance will generally cover all the costs included in such incidents, the best way to guard yourself against them is to avoid them at all costs. So here are a few tips you can follow to avoid any such incidents:

  • Always ask permission of the customer to use their picture, even if you’re doing it in good faith to promote your business and acknowledge the customer.
  • Provide the customer with all the details of how and when the image is going to be used.
  • Don’t speak ill of the competitor, their employees, or in any way claim that they overcharge or provide below-par services.
  • Never speak ill about your customers to anyone.
  • Always check the advertising of brands and products you promote. Make sure there are no cases of copyright infringement that you know of or anything that may put you in trouble.
  • Always check what you advertise. Claiming ‘best in the world’, ‘cheapest in the area’, ‘organic’, or any such false advertising can put you in trouble and trigger an advertising liability insurance.

In the end, it’s up to you how you educate yourself about what you sell and how you advertise. Your marketing strategy and advertising gimmicks are all good as long as they don’t tarnish anyone’s reputation or defame any other business.

Making sure that your employees, your advertising agency, or any other external hires understand the same. 

In any case, you should always have insurance for your business and have complete knowledge of everything it covers.

The more knowledge you have, the more control and power you have to run your business. To get any more information about your business insurance and what it covers, speak to our executives on 855-5EXCEED or visit our website.

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