What does Equipment Break Down Coverage Cover?

Businesses like grocery stores, liquor stores, shopping centers, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. include various types of equipment for the harmonious functioning of the business. A failure in a piece of equipment can create a disruption in the flow of business and may lead to great financial loss. 

Moreover, the repair of some machines may cost a bomb, which is why we have Equipment Breakdown Coverage which covers you for repair and replacement costs of equipment and machinery so that you can worry less and work better. 

Let us see what machinery and equipment this coverage may include, below:

  • Elevators, escalators, heating, air conditioning, and ventilating systems

This one is really helpful for hotels, supermarkets, shopping centers. A failure in elevators or escalators can create issues for your visitors and in turn, hamper your sales. 

  • Refrigeration and Cutting Appliances

Grocery stores, marts, restaurants cannot function without a well-maintained refrigeration system. A bad refrigeration system may cause losses like stock, food spoilage, and bring a halt to your smoothly operating store. The best way to combat such situations is to be covered with an Equipment Breakdown Coverage. 

  • Computers and servers

Computers and servers store a lot of important information and manage a major part of operations in hotels, marts, grocery stores, shopping centers, gas stations, etc. A faulty computer or a crashed server can bring a pause to any business for hours or even days. Furthermore, fixing these can cost you a lot. But not when your insurance covers equipment breakdown costs. 

  • Security systems

Data security, doors to a store or a restaurant is very important. A failed security system may make you suffer losses more than you could imagine. It is better to get them fixed, but fixing them can get really expensive. Which is why an equipment breakdown coverage is much needed. 

So, if you own a small or a big business which involves the usage of any kind of equipment, do not forget to ask for the Equipment Breakdown Coverage from your insurance provider.

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