The Success Story of Exceed Insurance

You have known Exceed Insurance to be one of the most reliable and reputed insurance service agencies in the USA. But how did we gain the reputation? Continue reading to learn about our success story!

For the past 21 years, Exceed Insurance has grown from a local firm into a national Insurance advisor with a network in over 40 states across the country. We’ve learned, adapted, and excelled in the insurance industry with each passing year.

Today, we provide services to many prestigious clients and trusted customers. We have expanded our expertise in many personal and commercial lines insurance. As we look forward to a bright future, we must also acknowledge our humble beginnings.

So, let’s learn more about the past of Exceed Insurance Agency and discuss our present. Here’s all you need to know about the success story of Exceed Insurance company.

The Past

Founded in 2000, we started our journey as a small insurance firm in Indianapolis. Our small team of young and enthusiastic minds aimed to help our community find customized insurance plans that suited their needs. Over the years, our team grew, and so did our knowledge and expertise.

The Present

Today, Exceed Insurance has over ten insurance experts working diligently to provide you with excellence in service. We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with our clientele and customers and providing them the best of services. Our dedication towards our customers is second to none, which has helped us become one of the best agencies in the country. Our collaboration with our customers and insurance providers is what keeps us motivated. We always aim to excel in all aspects of our services and consistently look for opportunities to grow as your preferred insurance service provider.

Our hard work and persistence towards our work ethics have been a catalyst to our success story over the years. With success comes improvements and change and we experienced a major change recently. We moved our Indianapolis branch to a new location with a bigger and better office. This will help us grow and also make use more accessible to our customers.


Our honorable President, Randeep Chawla, has shed some light on the last 21 years of Exceed excellence. Here are his takeaways:

Over the past 21 years, we have:

  • A better understanding of the characteristics of the business.
  • Understood what kind of coverages every business needs.
  • Learned how to be better agents and work better with our clients and carriers.
  • Gained knowledge about all the required coverages as per state laws.
  • Gained experience in providing customized quotes to personal insurance customers.
  • Learned about the importance of collaboration and our commitment.

Meet The Team

Our prestigious team is comprised of seasoned insurance experts who are always here to guide you. Let’s meet all our team members:

  • Randeep Chawla:

    He is our President and a great leader who has been a part of the insurance industry for over 20 years. He has been instrumental in making Exceed Insurance one of the best agencies to work with and work for. He also enjoys cooking and indulges in trying out new recipes from different cuisines in his free time. He believes that if he wasn’t an insurance expert then he would have probably been a lawyer. The reflects in the fact that he enjoys watching crime shows and courtroom dramas when he’s not working.

  • Vaninder Oberoi:

    She’s one of the senior-most experts in our team who has been a part of Exceed agency since the beginning. She is an expert in the Trucking Insurance department in the Midwest region of the country. However, she is also a Master of All Claims and the one expert you need besides you if you want your claims resolved.

  • Gurdeep Kaur:

    She’s one of the pillars of Exceed Insurance who leads the personal lines team. Her innovative and constructive strategies have helped us increase our client base in personal lines insurance through word of mouth and referrals.

  • Aayushi Kabra:

    A brilliant insurance agent and an expert baker, Aayushi has been a part of the Exceed Insurance family for four years. She is a vital part of the commercial lines team and deals with some of our most prestigious clients daily.

  • Jaspreet Kaur:

    Jaspreet is one of our most compassionate insurance experts who is always willing to help others. Having joined the organization over a year ago, she has worked diligently to ensure that our new business clients get all the help and advice they need to find a suitable insurance carrier.

  • Tania Gurdasani:

    She is one of the newest members of our family. In the one year she has been with the organization; she has picked up all the skills required to be an expert. She has grown into a clientele retaining expert who helps with servicing existing clientele and ensures customer satisfaction at all costs.

  • Diksha Gulati:

    Our in-house multi-tasker, Diksha has been a part of the Exceed Insurance family for three years. She has serviced clients from both personal and commercial lines. Her attention to detail makes her a very resourceful team member. Her expertise in finance has made her the go-to advisor for billing queries.

  • Sri Nagesh:

    He has been working with us for four years now. His love for automobiles makes him an essential member of the personal lines team. He is an expert in servicing and retaining existing clients.

And now you know everyone who has majorly contributed to the success story of Exceed Insurance. You can learn more about them here.

As our organization keeps growing, we will have many more experts who will join our dedicated team. But as things stand, we look forward to our future with this committed bunch. Now that you know more about them, you can feel free to get in touch with us. Contact us on 855-5EXCEED or write to us at [email protected], and we will gladly help you with all your needs.

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