National Insurance Awareness Day

National Insurance Awareness Day is a great time to increase awareness about the importance of Insurance amongst the masses. So make sure you read this blog and also encourage others to do the same!

It’s our duty as an insurance agency to raise awareness about the importance of insurance amongst the masses. And there is no better time to do that than the days leading up to National Insurance Awareness Day.

We’re going to discuss everything you need to know about insurance, from the history to different types of Insurances. We will also elaborate on some of the most important insurance plans to encourage you to invest in them. So we’re going to use National Insurance Day as an excuse to educate everyone about insurance.

The History Of Insurance –

Originally, insurance was just a verbal contract between merchants of Babylon and lenders in 4000-3000 BC. This led to the official system of Bottomry. Merchants took a loan on their ship to make repairs on it and make sure it’s in the best condition. Hence, if the ship were to sink, then the lender would lose his money.

The first documented record of insurance dates back to the year 1347 in Genoa, Italy. Moreover, they also developed Insurance premiums and different clauses of insurance over the years.

The Present Of Insurance –

Insurance has become a lifeline of every successful business, smart home, safe automobile, and happy life in today’s world. While many still don’t have insurance, those who do value it very highly. They know that without insurance, their life would have been a lot messier.

However, just having insurance doesn’t mean you are well-protected. Making sure that you have the right coverage is what keeps you prepared. Everyone needs to explore various Insurance companies to find their perfect match. Choosing the right coverage options for your needs helps you gain better control over that aspect of life.

Now, it’s challenging to find a cheap insurance policy that provides you with all the coverage you need. That’s where an Insurance agency comes into play. They usually have an abundance of Insurance companies under their belt. So if you’re looking for the best and cheapest insurance, you definitely need to approach an Insurance agency.

Additionally, when you opt for an agency, they also provide you their added expertise. Whether you’re getting Business Insurance for small businesses or large multinationals, Insurance agencies are your best options. For small business owners, they help guide them to the right insurance premiums for their needs. For large corporations, they keep them updated and guide them through larger claims processes.

Important Commercial Insurance Premiums –

Insurance is like a lifeline to all shops, agencies, companies, big corporations, and multinationals. Owners work very hard to make sure they succeed. But using their hard-earned money to pay for claims is not the ideal scenario for anyone. Hence, every business needs insurance. Let’s further discuss some of the necessary Insurance premiums you should have.

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: Workplace injuries are quite common in new businesses as they are trying to grow faster by working better. Worker’s Compensation Insurance helps safeguard the employees from such work-related injuries. It also helps attract better employees and increase loyalty. Hence, it’s considered one of the most important commercial insurance policies.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Every organization has some equipment that helps them with their daily activities. Even if it’s a cash register, it’s still counted as equipment. To ensure that you are not affected by malfunctions of such machinery, you need to have Equipment Breakdown Coverage.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Umbrella Insurance is another essential commercial insurance that every company should invest in. You may never know when you may face problems that the insurance can not cover. In such cases, having the backing of Umbrella Insurance makes it easy for companies to deal with the issues without incurring losses.
  • Spoilage Coverage: While this doesn’t apply to some businesses, most of them have some inventory that requires coverage. That’s where Spoilage Coverage comes in handy. It helps you recover the losses faced due to spoilage from equipment breakdown. Since many businesses solely rely on their inventory, Spoilage Coverage should be considered a significant insurance premium.

There are many other insurance premiums that may be specific to different businesses. It’s always advisable to explore different insurance policies.

Why choose Exceed Insurance?

We, at Exceed Insurance, pay close attention to our customers and their insurance needs. With our 20 years of experience in providing expert guidance, we will help you find the best policy package that is perfectly suitable for your needs. We are sure that at least one of our umbrella of different brands of Insurance providers will be the perfect match for you.

Other than that, choosing Exceed Insurance means choosing convenience. We keep our clients updated with their payments, renewals and provide annual recommendations of alterations in their policies.

Just call our Insurance experts on 855-5EXCEED to help review your insurance policy. After studying your history, we will recommend the best and cheapest insurance plans for you to choose from. You can also explore the rest of our website for more options. And if you know someone who may need insurance guidance, then you can always lead them here. Let’s spread the knowledge of the importance of insurance this National Insurance Awareness Day!

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