Important Workplace Safety Tips For Every Employer

Safety is essential in your workplace. And how much ever you try, some small details might get missed. So, in this blog, we will share some tips that will help you maintain workplace safety.

A wise business person will never disregard the importance of maintaining a safe workspace. A safe work environment makes employees secure and protects them from job-related injuries, thus saving unnecessary costs and stress.

Furthermore, the fewer workers’ compensation claims that you make, the lower your premium costs will be.

Let us look at some doable workplace safety tips to help you reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

Recognize the risks

The key to eliminating risks starts with knowing what could cause a potential hazard or incident. You can take the help of your employees in recognizing the risks. For example, you can reach out to each employee and ask them to look around the workspace and identify anything that could jeopardize their safety.

In many cases, non-threatening items like a lower ceiling, a small step, or even a wet floor could be problematic in an unfortunate scenario. Understanding the extent of damage certain things could cause, can help you avoid these situations.

Train your staff with safety protocols

If your business includes physical labor, it is essential to train your employees to use hazardous materials of machines safely. Furthermore, you must have a team of employees trained to manage emergencies at work like fire extinguishing, giving CPR, or helping a person under the attack of hazardous material.

Have emergency procedures in place

It is crucial to have a concrete safety plan in place. It must include clear outlines and procedures for handling and reporting injuries and emergencies. Moreover, ensure it has a list of phone numbers for first responders like ambulance, fire brigade, and police.

Make sure you have enough copies of this plan spread across the office space. The idea is to make this information easily accessible during an emergency.

Maintain tools and equipment

If you are into construction labor or any other form of business that requires special tools and equipment to function daily, then this is for you. Any equipment used by your employees should be checked and maintained regularly to make sure there are no broken or worn parts, no mechanical malfunctions. It is a good practice to perform routine maintenance on your equipment so that your employees stay safe and away from accidents.

Keep your workplace clear of clutter.

It is said that a clean workspace is a safe workspace. Any storage items in an open space or any unnecessary objects in aisles and paths can cause serious harm. Therefore, clearing away any clutter or unnecessary items could reduce accidents like tripping, falling, or slipping.

Invest in Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Even when you maintain a safe workplace, accidents are bound to happen. Some situations are unavoidable. For such cases, you need the workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Let us share a few examples of how work comp insurance can come in handy.

For example, if an employee is injured or becomes ill and can’t report to work, workers’ compensation insurance protects both the employee and the business. It provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages for the employee and limits liability for business owners.

Furthermore, Workers’ comp insurance provides employees with coverage for:

  • Medical treatment (surgeries, medications, doctor visits, etc.)
  • Wage replacement (about two-thirds of their wages while they are on temporary disability)
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits (funeral expenses and support payments to dependents)

To summarize, safety at work lies in the hands of an employer as the employees. Therefore, as an employer purchasing a dependable workers’ compensation insurance policy is as crucial as maintaining a safe workspace. To know more about how to keep your workspace, employees, and business safe, connect with our insurance experts on 855-5EXCEED.

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