How To Steer Clear Of Common Restaurant Insurance Claims

Restaurant Insurance Claims

Running a restaurant is a risk-driven business as there are many hazardous issues one can run into. There are the obvious ones like food-related health problems that customers might face. Then, you also have to take care of your inventory, employee injuries, quality of your products, fire hazards and food-related incidents like choking on hard foods.

Too many of such incidents can lead to more expensive Restaurant Insurance. Restaurant owners strictly need to take precautions to keep the cost of their Insurance Premiums low and help themselves save money on Restaurant Insurance Claims.

So, let’s learn how to avoid such situations when you’re running a restaurant:

General Injuries:

These are one of the most commonly occurring incidents in a restaurant. Whether it be in the dining room or the kitchen, every employee is trying to be as efficient as possible.

But, sometimes, while working they may trip on an oily surface, or miss a step and slip. This can lead to all sorts of injuries and lawsuits. The best way to avoid this is to know your restaurant in and out.

You should know the setup of the kitchen and the dining area. Understanding the movement of employees and knowing the areas with high traffic is also important. After you have all this knowledge, you can develop a strategic process and train them to strictly follow it.

Having cameras around the restaurant will also help you guide the employees to be more efficient and safe. Other safety protocols include frequent mopping of floors and keeping the kitchen and dining area clean.

Food-Related Health Issues:

This can range from anywhere, between food poisoning and someone choking on a hard nut.

As common of a knowledge as this is, restaurants still end up making the mistake of not following through on the quality of their food.

Some restaurants end up using expired food products or reheat a dish that they cooked a day or two earlier. This should be strictly avoided as it may damage the reputation of your business.

Besides that, there should always be someone present in the restaurant who knows how to perform basic health procedures like CPR.

The restaurant should also have a readily available health kit to make use of whenever such an incident occurs.

Driving and Delivery-related Issues:

If your restaurant offers home delivery or has a bar service, then you need to have another layer of liability in your hands. One that can lead to life-threatening incidents.

Your bartenders must keep tabs on a customer’s alcohol consumption and make sure they don’t go overboard. If the customer still insists on being served a drink, then the bartender should ask them for keys to their vehicles before serving the next round.

They should also offer to call them a cab or ask them to call one of their friends to come and pick them up. Remember, that as long as the customers don’t reach home safely, they are the restaurant’s responsibility. Now coming to the delivery-related issues, the drivers need to understand safety is always the first priority. They shouldn’t rush to deliver something and risk getting into an accident.

The restaurant owner should also do a thorough background check of the driver and make sure they have a clean record of safe driving.

Fire Hazards:

Owning a restaurant is a risky business. You are actively encouraging your employees to work around fire or hot surfaces at all times.

Well, the idea behind it is the art of creating delicious delicacies, but fire does play a major role in getting there. And where there is fire, there are bound to be fire hazards.

The best way to avoid these is to have thorough professionals who are well educated about the hotel safety measures and dedicatedly practice them.

Along with that, the restaurant owner should also make sure that all their equipment is well maintained and works efficiently. There should also be a few fire extinguishers in easily accessible areas around the kitchen.

These were just some of the common safety protocols the owners need to take to minimize the number of incidents in their restaurant.

In the end, it’s all about giving the customer a pleasant experience while providing them an environment they feel safe and comfortable in.

Lack of incidents can also be used as a very healthy promotion campaign for the restaurant.

It is a reflection of the high standards that the restaurant maintains in its quality of products and services. Follow Exceed Insurance Blog, to learn more on tips and How to Steer Away Of Common Restaurant Insurance Claims.

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