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Grocery stores are an integral piece of each community, providing people with food and other staple home supplies. But risk is present in every business. Between the large square footage of your store, electronic and mechanical systems, perishable inventory, storing customer data, heavy foot traffic, keeping cash on hand, operating heavy equipment and more, it’s easy to see how a grocery store can face financial risk.

Fortunately, a grocery store insurance policy can offer comprehensive protection so you can run your business with peace of mind. Below, we’ve listed some of the coverage options that are available for your consideration.

  • Property: This helps protect the business’ physical assets, such as the building, inventory, shelving, fixtures, office equipment, cash registers and more.
  • General Liability: Any losses suffered by third parties due to the fact that your business was negligent or liable for damages may be covered by this policy.
  • Products Liability: This is similar to general liability coverage, except it applies only to damages that stem from products sold by your store.
  • Loss of Use: If a covered event causes the temporary closure of your store, this policy can help cover lost income during the repair process. This allows you to continue meeting financial obligations, such as rent, utilities, payroll and more.
  • Advertising Injury: Protects your business in the event that someone claims an advertising injury due to publishing inaccurate information, slander or libel, violating someone else’s rights of privacy, copying other businesses’ advertisements or using another business’ logo, slogan or title.

Managing a grocery store is a big endeavor and though it can be a great source of income, there are also financial risks that come along with it. With the help of an Exceed Insurance agent, you can build a customized grocery store insurance policy to help protect your business’ best interests. Contact Exceed Insurance today to get started.

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