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California Grocery Store Industry Snapshot

  • There are more than 8,250 grocery stores in California. The industry employs more than 300,000 workers.
  • Grocery stores in California generate about $78 billion in revenue.
  • California is one of the leading producers of citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons. Dairy products, grapes and cattle also make up a large portion of the agricultural market.

California Grocery & Food Store Insurance Programs

California — the Golden State. With over 39 million residents, there are a lot of mouths to feed – and plenty of tastes to satisfy. That’s why running a grocery store can be a profitable and appreciated endeavor in any California community.

Still, running a store comes with risks. If something happens, you could lose stock, data and employees. The financial harm might prove devastating. You might even be unable to continue your operations. Don’t become a sitting duck for business accidents. With a targeted grocery store insurance package from Exceed Insurance, you can get coverage that will help you recover from unfortunate losses.

Our agency offers a wide variety of insurance policies for your store, including:

  • Property Coverage: This helps protect the business’ physical assets. It often can cover the building, inventory, shelving, fixtures, office equipment and cash registers.
  • General Liability: There’s always a chance someone could get hurt on your property. If they hold the company responsible, you might have to pay. You can use this coverage to help settle what you owe.
  • Products Liability: You want to sell a foolproof product, but there is always some embedded risk. Something you sell could always harm one of your customers. Just like general liability insurance, this coverage can help you if items sold in your store harm someone else.
  • Workers Compensation: This coverage provides supplementary income for employees injured on the job. It might help them pay for medical bills, lost wages or other costs. Most states have laws requiring businesses to offer coverage.
  • Loss of Use: You don’t want a damaging event to force you to close your business’ doors. That could mean a loss of income. But, if the worst happens, this coverage can step in. It can help you still pay your bills and reopen still in the clear.
  • Advertising Injury: You need to publicize your grocery store, and that means advertising. But, third parties might allege that you published inaccurate information, violated someone’s privacy or copied advertising. They might even claim you committed slander or libel. This coverage protects your business if someone claims an advertising injury.
  • Equipment/Machinery Breakdown: Should vital equipment break – such as air conditioning or refrigeration systems - this coverage can help repair those items.

When you open your grocery store, you know how much time and money you will need to invest to take care of the business. Don’t let your insurance coverage be an extra concern when you have so much else to take care of.

Exceed Insurance will help you find great coverage for your California grocery store. Contact us today for a free grocery store insurance quote

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