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Every California gas station faces risks. Gas station in the Golden State are highly-trafficked. And they might also sell food, personal goods and convenience items. This means gas stations tend to bring in a lot of cash. For this reason, many would-be thieves consider gas stations as easy targets. READ MORE >>

Protecting your grocery patrons is an important part of your business. But, protecting your employees should be an equally important task. Without proper protections, grocery store employees face risks that could impact their safety. If employees face risks, then so does the business owner. READ MORE >>

Gas stations deal in many products. Gasoline, the prime item, also happens to be a very risky and dangerous commodity. That’s why most gas stations have to follow stringent regulations when selling it. Gasoline is at risk for explosions, fires, contamination and even theft. READ MORE >>

Hotel insurance can cover a variety of perils that can strike a lodging business. Fire damages are often covered by a hotel insurance policy. But, hotel managers and owners should protect a hotel from fire risks in the first place. Hotel fires are extremely dangerous and sometimes deadly phenomena. READ MORE >>

A grocery store carries many different items. Of course, many of these items are perishable and require refrigeration. In fact, many of a store’s most coveted items—meat, dairy and produce—need refrigeration to stay fresh. If a refrigeration system malfunctions, the store could face liability and financial risks. READ MORE >>

We’ve all probably heard the sound of someone falling in a restaurant. Most of the time we all cringe when we hear a crash somewhere in the business. Falls happen in restaurants, and they are insurance risks. If an employee falls, then you may have to provide the person with workers’ compensation. READ MORE >>

Many people rush in and rush out of gas stations. Nonetheless, most want to find a quality business environment while they are there. Gas stations have become a conglomeration of gas service, restrooms, merchandise and food. Gas station owners often manage many competing businesses in addition to selling gasoline. READ MORE >>

A Business Owner Policy or BOP insurance is one of the most common types of policies for today’s restaurants. In fact, a basic BOP restaurant insurance policy may be all some companies need to put in place. However, there are other situations in which a BOP is not the only framework of the coverage you need. READ MORE >>

You want your customers to leave your restaurant satisfied with the experience. However, your restaurant can be a risky place if you don’t take steps to protect your customers. A constant stream of customers, food and drink pass through the restaurant daily. READ MORE >>

Within the restaurant industry, theft is a growing problem. Theft can occur in various forms. Management, employees, customers and others can be risks when protecting your company's assets. Inventory for a restaurant is some of the most valuable of the assets owned. Yet, it is at one of the highest risks of theft. READ MORE >>

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