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Restaurant insurance is a must have for most bars. Because you are serving some type of food product, even if it is an alcoholic beverage, you need to have the property insurance in place to operate your business. Bars, taverns and other alcohol establishments have unique needs from traditional restaurants and your business insurance needs to reflect the risks of your establishment. READ MORE >>

In a sea of hotel options, it may seem like a near impossible feat to get potential guests to notice yours. A good marketing plan, along with adding desirable and distinguishable features to the establishment, can help set your hotel apart from the competition. READ MORE >>

Is there a threat to your restaurant for theft? In most cases, the answer to this is yes. Restaurants, whether they are large organizations or small mom-and-pop shops, suffer some of the highest risks associated with theft. That theft can come in all forms. It may be due to an employee stealing funds or inventory. READ MORE >>

Grocery stores provide essential needs to the community; but it’s still a business, and all businesses face certain risks. Many business owners consider physical assets and other property when deciding on business insurance, but you should also consider the liability risks that are unique to your type of business. READ MORE >>

Running a gas station can be a demanding business endeavor. With the indoor market area and the outdoor pumps and ice machines, there’s many areas that must be monitored for safety purposes. So how can you protect your business from theft, vandalism and other security issues? Indoor Protection READ MORE >>

One of the most common types of restaurant insurance claims is fires. Fires can happen in any business, but the conditions present in many restaurants can increase the risks of fires. More so, grease-based fires or those that begin from electrical conditions and then spread rapidly as the result of grease can be very deadly and damaging. READ MORE >>

A key factor in providing your customers with a pleasant stay at your hotel is offering clean, comfortable rooms. And while your cleaning staff may work hard to meet that goal, there are certain dirty spots that may get overlooked after vacuuming and changing the sheets. READ MORE >>

As with any other business, ensuring the security of your liquor store is of vital importance. It's your duty to protect both the business and your customers. Fortunately, there are a variety of options from which you can choose, according to your budget for security. Let's take a look at some of the most commonly chosen options. READ MORE >>

Boosting security at any business is of vital importance. However, gas stations have the unique risk of being part indoors and part outdoors, along with staying open 24/7. This can make them an easy target for petty theft, affecting both your business and your customers. It makes sense to hang security cameras indoors. READ MORE >>

Healthy meal preparation starts at the grocery store, and it's up to you to provide families with fresh, safe food products. There are plenty of protocols you can implement around the store to ensure that the food on the shelves is safe for consumption. Here are a few tips to consider. READ MORE >>

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