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When restaurants serve alcohol, they increase a consumer's chances of becoming drunk. If the intoxicated party then causes harm, the harmed party might hold the restaurant responsible. This is because the restaurant served the alcohol to the person or people who caused the damage. READ MORE >>

Missouri tightly regulates its liquor and beer sales industry. The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control maintains thousands of liquor sales licenses. The state makes sure that liquor stores and other parties sell these items legally. However, a lot of responsibility still falls on the individual store owner. READ MORE >>

If you operate a liquor store in Indiana, you are part of a nationwide industry worth more than $45.5 billion. The Hoosier State has 359 licensed retail liquor stores, roughly 1 for every 3,500 residents.Whether you own a store in Evansville or Indianapolis, you likely play a part in your local economy. READ MORE >>

Selling liquor is a profitable, yet risky endeavor. Though you can make money from the legal sale of liquor, the industry is tightly regulated in Arizona. Most liquor sales and service operations come with strict licensing requirements. Getting the right amount of liability insurance to meet these requirements is essential. READ MORE >>

Liquor stores market in desirable commodities. The value and cost of alcohol mean that liquor stores deal with significant amounts of cash. So, should a liquor store experience theft, it stands a chance to lose a considerable amount of money. READ MORE >>

Running a liquor and spirits store can be a very profitable, small business. Outside of large chains and state-regulated enterprises, small business liquor stores serve as profitable lifelines of business for many American families. Liquor stores are very high risk businesses. READ MORE >>

The most valuable commodity you have in your retail location are the products you plan to sell. Events like theft, vandalism, or fire can cost you inventory. They could cause your business not to operate. That can damage your company's financial health and put your business'; reputation on the line. READ MORE >>

Liquor stores are one of the most notorious areas for theft. Why that is may surprise you. Generally, these locations tend to have less than ideal security systems in place and that often translates into complications for the companies. READ MORE >>

It’s true that every business can benefit from a good business insurance policy, but liquor stores have some unique risks that may require different coverage options and/or coverage limits than other types of businesses. The best way to get a suitable policy is to work directly with your insurance agent. READ MORE >>

The most common sight in liquor stores is racks upon racks of bottles, most of which are made of glass. And while many of these bottles are moderately priced, there are some highly valuable bottles that may need extra protection. From what, you might ask? READ MORE >>

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