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You've worked hard and finally started your own hotel with plenty of rooms, a dedicated staff and a wonderful location. Now is just a matter of insuring your assets. But what kind of insurance does a hotel even need? Hotel insurance refers to business insurance tailored for hotels. READ MORE >>

The difference between restaurant insurance and business insurance will reflect the difference between a restaurant and a business that serves, but does not cook, food. Any business can sell food. But, once you begin preparing it on the premises, you are now running a restaurant, and conventional business insurance simply won't do. READ MORE >>

Every business needs quality insurance. It helps stop financial losses your company may face. If you own a bakery, deli, or a similar shop, you need the proper business insurance in place. It can help you keep your doors open if mistakes happen. It also helps you prevent financial loss in situations you cannot control. READ MORE >>

If you run a small business, you need insurance coverage. It's essential to protecting your firm's liability. Yet, no two businesses are alike. So, blanket coverage might not properly cover your operation. Exceed Insurance can help! We have specialty coverage options through The Hartford designed for small business. READ MORE >>

Every business needs a First Aid kit on hand. It can help business owners quickly respond to employee or client injuries. But, because all businesses are different, each business might need to include special materials within the kit. Think of the injury risks present at a gas station as opposed to those in an office building. READ MORE >>

Your grocery store is a mobile environment. Shopping carts, forklifts, and of course, the constant influx of patrons and employees, will pass through your doors every day. Still, with movement comes the risk of accidents, namely that of a customer slip-and-fall accident. READ MORE >>

To make money, your restaurant has to operate efficiently. After all, if you can't serve your customers, they won't leave happy, and that could put you in a bind. That's why, should critical business equipment malfunction, then there could be a very costly loss you might have to face. READ MORE >>

Running a hotel means a lot of interactions with the public. Therefore, you have to protect both yourself and your guests while doing business. That's why, if someone gets hurt, you might owe them. If you have commercial general liability insurance, then you'll have resources available. READ MORE >>

When restaurants serve alcohol, they increase a consumer's chances of becoming drunk. If the intoxicated party then causes harm, the harmed party might hold the restaurant responsible. This is because the restaurant served the alcohol to the person or people who caused the damage. READ MORE >>

We have all likely seen the surveillance camera videos. A car backs into a gas pump. Flames erupt, and suddenly the entire gas station goes up in smoke. It is easy to see how easy it is for a gas station fire to cause a catastrophe. If one occurs, it could damage your livelihood. READ MORE >>

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