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Your grocery store is a mobile environment. Shopping carts, forklifts, and of course, the constant influx of patrons and employees, will pass through your doors every day. Still, with movement comes the risk of accidents, namely that of a customer slip-and-fall accident. READ MORE >>

You probably know that the start of spring means changing weather, and that probably means a lot of wet conditions. Still, your grocery store will need to remain open for business. When it does, conditions outside could easily impact the security inside the business. READ MORE >>

In 2011, Kentucky counties had an average of three to seven grocery stores. The Bluegrass State's grocery industry plays a huge role in ensuring that everyone gets the food they need. We've all got to eat, after all! A lot of the food consumed in Kentucky comes from its 13 million acres of agricultural production. READ MORE >>

Going to the grocery store is a fact of life for most people. Customers need their services for a variety of reasons, not least to buy food. Therefore, if you run a grocery store in Georgia, you provide valuable community service. Running a grocery store requires precision, good management and oversight. READ MORE >>

Operating a grocery store means that you have a lot of product to maintain. You have to store, refrigerate and safeguard food stock. You also have to create a safe environment for workers and employees. Grocery stores need various pieces of machinery. These may include refrigerators, scales, meat choppers and other materials. READ MORE >>

Grocery stores provide essential needs to the community; but it’s still a business, and all businesses face certain risks. Many business owners consider physical assets and other property when deciding on business insurance, but you should also consider the liability risks that are unique to your type of business. READ MORE >>

Groceries are necessities and people often shop at the grocery store that's most convenient to their location. But there are things you can do to make the chore of shopping for groceries more fun. It can even become an event that people talk about with their friends and family. READ MORE >>

Healthy meal preparation starts at the grocery store, and it's up to you to provide families with fresh, safe food products. There are plenty of protocols you can implement around the store to ensure that the food on the shelves is safe for consumption. Here are a few tips to consider. READ MORE >>

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