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Every business needs a First Aid kit on hand. It can help business owners quickly respond to employee or client injuries. But, because all businesses are different, each business might need to include special materials within the kit. Think of the injury risks present at a gas station as opposed to those in an office building. READ MORE >>

We have all likely seen the surveillance camera videos. A car backs into a gas pump. Flames erupt, and suddenly the entire gas station goes up in smoke. It is easy to see how easy it is for a gas station fire to cause a catastrophe. If one occurs, it could damage your livelihood. READ MORE >>

New Jersey is known for its highways. It's part of one of America's most populated mega-regions. And where there are people, highways and traffic, there's a need for gas stations. Each of these Garden State businesses delivers critical services to motorists. Still, in every gas station, there exist injury risks for patrons. READ MORE >>

When you're filling your gas tank, you don't want anything to go wrong. Yet, it seems like every day we see news stories of mishaps, fires or explosions in gas station parking lots. It's easy to see why it's important not to let accidents happen when pumping gas. READ MORE >>

Every California gas station faces risks. Gas station in the Golden State are highly-trafficked. And they might also sell food, personal goods and convenience items. This means gas stations tend to bring in a lot of cash. For this reason, many would-be thieves consider gas stations as easy targets. READ MORE >>

Gas stations and convenience stores need a lot of protection. Not only is gasoline valuable, it is also dangerous. Most gas stations carry insurance to help cover damages the business may suffer. Gas station insurance policies usually offer coverage for a variety of threats. READ MORE >>

Gas stations deal in many products. Gasoline, the prime item, also happens to be a very risky and dangerous commodity. That’s why most gas stations have to follow stringent regulations when selling it. Gasoline is at risk for explosions, fires, contamination and even theft. READ MORE >>

Running a gas station can be a demanding business endeavor. With the indoor market area and the outdoor pumps and ice machines, there’s many areas that must be monitored for safety purposes. So how can you protect your business from theft, vandalism and other security issues? Indoor Protection READ MORE >>

Boosting security at any business is of vital importance. However, gas stations have the unique risk of being part indoors and part outdoors, along with staying open 24/7. This can make them an easy target for petty theft, affecting both your business and your customers. It makes sense to hang security cameras indoors. READ MORE >>

Like any business, a gas station faces a host of security risks that can affect both the business and its customers. Fortunately, a gas station insurance policy can come to the rescue if the business faces a loss; but it's best to prevent security threats before they become a problem. READ MORE >>

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