5 Tips to keep your Gas Station Safe & Secure

Gas stations are open to numerous threats like theft, fire hazards, workplace violence, people slipping due to water or oil spills, etc.

As a gas station owner, it becomes your responsibility to maintain a safe place for your employees and your customers. In addition, practicing basic safety measures can also protect your gas stations from huge damages.

Here are 5 simple tips you can follow in order to protect your investment (Gas Station) from bigger losses:

Install security cameras and alarms:
Gas Stations are at a higher risk of being robbed due to factors like constant influx of customers, easy entry & exit and availability of large amounts of cash always.

Installing a high-tech security system with cameras and burglar alarms will not only reduce the chances of robberies but also help in gathering enough proof during police investigations, in case of a theft.

Train your staff for fire emergencies with mock fire drills
Make it a practice to conduct mock fire drills with your staff at least once in 3 months.

This will help managing real fire hazards efficiently.

Display Do’s & Don’ts Charts for your customers

Ensure you have signs like no smoking, avoid the use of cell phones, watch for overflow, turn off the car’s engine, etc. at appropriate places around your gas station.

This will help impart a sense of responsibility in the customers visiting your gas station.

Make your Gas Station slip, trip and fall proof

Fuel/oil spills are a common thing at gas stations. Such spills can lead to slip and fall causing major injuries to employees or customers. In addition, during winters if there is ice lingering in your parking lot, pedestrians could slip and vehicles could skid.

To avoid these situations, you can spread industrial salt mixed with fine gravel to absorb oil/fuel spills and ice.

Be smart; invest in Gas Station Insurance

However safe and secure you may keep your gas station, accidents can still happen.

Someone could randomly damage your gas station, a customer may not follow safety instructions and cause a fire hazard or an employee may forget to clear the spills resulting in an accident.

It is a wise choice to be insured for such potential risks. Let us help you find the right coverage for you.

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