5 Essential Security Tips for Shopping Mall

Managing the traffic of customers in the vicinity is quite a challenging task for the administration team of the shopping malls. Ensuring that the visitors have a pleasant experience while shopping is of utmost importance.

On top of that, they also have to control the crowd, identify suspicious acts and deal with any possible incident as calmly as possible. And they have to do all this without disturbing the ambience of the mall are the top priorities of the security personnel.

Hence, we’re here talking about five essential security tips that may help the administration improve the safety of shopping malls.

  1. Set security parameters

Security officials need to have eyes all around the mall. That makes it easy for them to act on any possible incidents before it escalates too far. So, having a plan to set vision parameters for security is extremely essential. That way, they can have easy access to the situation and also call for backup while they reach the point of incident.

But do keep in mind, it’s a shopping center and not the Pentagon. Don’t stuff up on the security and make the visitors feel like they’re under threat. Make it minimum but effective!

  1. Rigid security procedures for better awareness

The security personnel should be focused on the security of the mall, the shops and the visitors. In such cases, you can’t afford to have them distracted by music, calls, messages or any such activities that grab their attention.

Hence, it’s extremely important for them to not have access to mobile phones, tablets or any other media and communication devices. Another thing you need to make sure is to not have them standing near or under any cooling devices.

Air-conditioners induce comfort which leads to lethargic behavior and delayed reaction to any incident.

  1. Training on awareness and action plan for different situations

Despite having minimal access to any sort of personal devices and media, it’s still easy for the team to get distracted by the events occurring in the mall.

Every individual should be trained in the book on how they can keep an eye on everything from their position and how they need to act on any incident that may lead them to take action.

If any such incident does arise, they should be prepared to examine the situation from afar and take action accordingly, whether it be getting to someone, helping a visitor or calling for backup.

  1. Adapt to opening and closing procedures for high traffic on weekends & holidays

Procedures and plans don’t always help when you’ve got a lot of customers in the mall. Especially on weekends and public holidays, when you’ll usually find visitors walking around in groups or not being in as much of a hurry as usual.

The security protocol should also be high at such times as higher traffic means more chances of incidents. So, the security personnel should be able to adapt to the situation and understand how to take action, despite having many such obstructions.

Depending on the dynamics of the shopping mall, the administration should strategize plans for every possible situation that could turn into a major problem during such congested times.

  1. Get used to the technology

Having access to and making use of technology to improve security is always the best approach. Of course, you can’t always depend on technology to take action, so the security team needs to use it to their advantage and take action accordingly.

Having a designated team inside the premises that communicates with the security and guides them to the point of the incident can be very helpful. Investing in technology and employees that monitor everything through it is a must for all high traffic buildings in this modern age.

In the end, all that matters is the situation and how the security personnel deal with it. Train them well and they’d keep the shopping center safe and secured.

In the end, all that matters is the situation and how the security personnel deal with it. Train them well and they’d keep the shopping center safe and secured. You must also ensure that you have taken a Shopping Center Insurance; that’s what is going to save you when nothing else works!

Stayed tuned for more informative tips that will make your life, as a business, easier.

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